As a reliable partner for production studios working in Europe and beyond, our London location provides advanced equipment, transportation, and a sprawling facility.

Essential & Efficient Tech for Any Production

We provide state-of-the-art technology, gear, and services to make productions of all sizes a reality, while having a consistent commitment to sustainability. In fact, our fleet of 200kVa generator carrier vehicles run exclusively on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel. We are committed to helping you create a sustainable production.


Key services

  • Sustainable Generator Carrier Vehicles
  • Portable Power Stations


LED Lighting Technology
Go green without sacrificing performance. LEDs use less electricity and emit less heat, reducing overhead costs while achieving studio standards

Traditional Incandescent Lights
Choose tried and true. We provide traditional incandescent lights to meet all production requirements

High-Quality Lighting Equipment Packages
Get everything you need. Our lighting equipment packages can be instantly secured at competitive rates

Sustainable Generator Carrier Vehicles

With a continued focus on sustainability, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art green 200kVa Generator Carrier Vehicles. The vehicles run exclusively on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel which has up to 90% fewer life cycle emissions than fossil diesel. These vehicles are fueled with HVO for both driving and location power in order to significantly reduce overall emissions.

Vehicles specifications:

Isuzu 4x4 3.5T Vehicle
36kW of 230/415v AC power
Standard SUV size 

Mercedes 18T Vehicle
160kW of 230/415v AC power
4T of cargo line

Volvo 18T Vehicle
250kW of 230/415v AC power
4T of cargo line

*All vehicles use HVO fuel and are LEZ, ULEZ & NRMM compliant

Portable Power Stations

An easy and sustainable way to power your productions. The Voltstack® electric, portable power supply stations have zero emissions and are easy to operate, transport and are also completely silent.

Sizes available:

5 KW  
1.8 kW

Meet the London Team

The best lighting team this side of the pond!
Experienced professionals with years in the industry, led by Rob Garvie, we provide only the best quality and highest level of customer service. 

Mick Doe, Svetoslav Nikolov, Ben Taylor, Anthony Joiner, Heather Hatton, Lee Church, Mark Powell, Csaba Varfalvi, Pleasant Falana, Haydar Al-Musawi, Rob Garvie, Pete Carter, Sam Ratcliffe, Rob Clark, Claire Wood, Mark Greaves, Christian Schofield 


Sky Studios

The prestigious Sky Studios, with more than 24m viewers, is known for its award-winning dramas, comedies and documentaries. 


Illiminatrix is a collective of talented international female cinematographers.

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