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With an emphasis on innovation and focus on providing the most advanced lighting equipment, we're proud to include Cineo Lighting in our premier inventory for production rentals and sales. Cineo is a pioneer in the LED lighting industry, offering the best-of-the-best technology to productions and broadcast studios across the globe. The future is filled with endless possibilities to create high-tech, efficient, sustainable products without sacrificing the production quality but rather enhancing it!

Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

From creation of remote phosphor lighting, multi-zone color, and immersion cooling, Cineo has pioneered better solutions to the complex challenges that production faces. The future of our industry holds exciting new promise, including the advent of virtual production technologies. Cineo is ideally positioned to create useful tools that advance the art of media creation.

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  • Reflex R15
  • Quantum Ladder
  • Quantum Studio
  • Quantum II
  • LB800
  • LightBlade
  • Standard 410

Reflex R15

The high output light with flexibility. The ReFlex R15 harnesses several patented, groundbreaking technologies to deliver over 90,000 lumens of color-accurate digital lighting on less than 1,500 watts. 

Quantum Ladder

The new version of the LightBlade ladder is here - meet the Quantum Ladder ("QL"). It's the newest light in the Quantum series of high power, soft lighting units.

Quantum Studio

The Quantum Studio ("QS") is the newest light in the Quantum series of high power, soft lighting units. It's small yet it 500w generates over 30,000 lumens of output.

Quantum II

The bigger, brighter, better light with up to 100,000 lumens output, C2OS, and full complement of remote control protocols.


The LB800 was built for dynamic lighting effects, it includes multi-zone operation, a patented Cineo technology with complete local or remote control over each zone. Effects can be recorded on the fixture using local or remote control. Presets and effects can be edited, played back at variable speed and intensity and transferred via USB or network connection.


Cineo re-designed the ultimate creative lighting tool for production, these modular fixtures are known as the LightBlade.

The individual LightBlades bring both versatility and a low-profile footprint that can efficiently and discreetly light even the darkest and tightest corners of a set.  Each individual LightBlade can operate as a stand-alone fixture or can be combined to create an innovative full-spectrum of light. LightBlades are the most powerful linear lighting engines on the market.

The LightBlade modular fixtures offers the simplicity of a complete lighting fixture with the flexibility of individual LightBlade control.

Standard 410

Cineo designed the Standard 410 as a creative tool for the lighting professional's arsenal. The Standard 410 combines the award-winning white-light quality with innovative saturated color technology - it delivers up to 25,000 lumens of beautiful, easily controllable, full-gamut soft light.

The Standard 410 boasts a substantial 2' x 1' diffused illuminating surface, an integrated weight of 28 lbs., with a maximum power of 410 watts.

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