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Support Space

Support Space

Support Space

Support Space

Support Space

Our facilities offer a variety of production support spaces - from dressing rooms to office space to mill and flex space, conveniently located near our stages and other services.

Office Space

Office space is a crucial element in production - from executive offices to staff and writers rooms, it's ideal to have these spaces close by. All of our studios and stage facilities have a variety of office space available for your teams to occupy.

Contact our production office services team to coordinate your needs across the country and in the UK

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are a necessity in any production. The inventory varies at each studio location and they range in size and furniture included.

The Universal Studios Lot has several dressing rooms located around the Lot including some that are attached to stages. Click here for more information at what's available on the Lot.

Assembly Studios will have a large number of dressing rooms available for all productions - opening soon!

Rehearsal Halls

Rehearsal Halls are ideal locations to use for meetings, castings, table reads, wardrobe holding or anything else. They vary is size and studio locations.

Currently rehearsal halls are available at the Universal Studios Lot - click here for details.

Opening soon at Assembly Studios

Mill & Flex Space

In addition to stages, our facilities have areas for your productions to use for a variety of needs. Our Mill & Flex spaces vary by location but there are options available at all properties. 

The spaces can be used to accommodate your set construction, wardrobe storage, set wall storage, etc.


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